Burkina Faso: President Kabore ousted in a military coup

After Mali and Guinea, Burkina Faso is yet another West African country that witnessed a military coup over the weekend. Confirming several rumous, the army had declared yesterday that it has ousted President Kabore.

Citing the deterioration of the security situation, including the rising Islamist insurgency, the army has halso suspended the constitution, dissolved the government and the national assembly, and closed Burkina Faso’s borders.

The statement was signed by Lieutenant Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba and made in the name of the Patriotic Movement for Safeguard and Restoration, a previously unheard-of entity.

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OML 113 transferred to new operating vehicle as partners prepare for gas redevelopment offshore Lagos

After two years of delay, the Nigerian authorities have finally approved PetroNor’s acquisition of Panoro Energy’s subsidiaries in Nigeria, Pan-Petroleum Services Holding BV and Pan-Petroleum Nigeria Holding. The deal was initially inked in October 2019 and had been awaiting government consent since then. Through this acquisition, PetroNor is acquiring Pan Petroleum Aje Ltd, which holds […]

Lagos State issues pre-qualification notice for the concession of the Lagos Blue Line Rail Project

On Wednesday this week, the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA) issued a request for application for the pre-qualification of the concession of the Lagos Blue Line Rail Project, which will run from Marina to Okokomaiko. The line is part of the broader Lagos Rail Mass Transit (LRMT) network currently being developed under the Lagos […]

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