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Africa is the opportunity the world needs to tackle its most pressing challenges, from climate change to food security.

But to ensure global prosperity, the continent must first address its own development needs.

Hawilti supports companies of all sizes with critical insights on the continent's diversity and opportunities, with a focus on sectors and transactions that have a large socio-economic impact.

Our Research Programmes

Nigeria Natural Gas

Explore the potential of natural gas to propel West Africa's biggest economy.

Africa Rigs Tracker

Track rigs’ movements and drilling campaigns offshore sub-Saharan Africa.

Nigeria Upstream

Access the latest on the revival of Africa's biggest oil & gas market. 

Africa Refineries Watch

Keep ahead of brownfield and greenfield activity across sub-Saharan Africa's refining sector. 

African Knowledge

Africa is home to the world's largest free trade area, connecting 54 countries with a combined GDP worth some $3.4tn.

Regionalisation offers tremendous growth opportunities for the continent, especially for the trading and processing of key commodities such as metals, minerals, natural gas, and agriculture products.

To unlock that potential, we provide companies with data, intelligence and advisory on how to regionalise their footprint and navigate Africa's business, cultural, and linguistic diversity.


Our research spans the whole of Africa's commodities and infrastructure space, with a key focus on analysing sector trends, equities, private ventures and bankable projects shaping up the development of the continent.

From our globally accessible research to your own bespoke market analyses, we have the solutions in-house to answer your most pressing questions.

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It all starts with energy.

While Africa's metals and minerals are exported to support the global energy transition, African industries still have no access to reliable and affordable power.

As a company, Hawilti has taken a stance in favour of a just African energy transition that puts Africa's energy needs as an utmost priority for the continent's socio-economic development.

Our data and insights help you see Africa from an unbiased perspective, adopting a pragmatic approach to meeting the energy demand of the world's youngest and fastest growing populations.


We believe a successful communications and stakeholders engagement strategy starts with a deep understanding of your industry.

At Hawilti, our communications professionals are first and foremost sector exports, bringing to your table a demonstrated track record of delivering integrated communications, reporting, branding and storytelling strategies across the energy, mining, infrastructure and agriculture industries.

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Africa provided the grounds for the development of the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards adopted by global investors and the business community today.

Following the path set by Kofi Annan, we believe in giving a human face to global businesses and think that Africa should take the lead on global sustainability issues. Our team frequently supports businesses in the development of credible sustainability strategies and their compliance to global ESG standards.

By embracing more sustainable and responsible practices in corporate governance, stakeholders engagement, and environmental preservation, African companies can build long-term business models that are compelling and attractive to any investor worldwide.


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Hawilti offers a wide range of career opportunities for talented and young professionals seeking to play their part in the development of the continent.