Nigeria and Germany sign gas deal and clean energy investment agreement

Nigeria and Germany have signed a historic agreement that will see Africa’s largest oil producer supply more gas to Europe’s biggest gas consumer.

In an MOU signed by Nigeria’s Riverside LNG project, which works in the country’s Niger Delta, and Germany’s Johannes Schuetze Energy Import, Nigeria will export 850,000 tons of liquefied natural gas per year to Germany. The agreement also includes a provision for export volume to increase to 1.2 million tonnes in future.

Under the deal, Nigeria is expected to export its first deliveries of liquified natural gas (LNG) to Germany in 2026, which will account for 2% of Germany’s total LNG imports.

The deal was signed at the G20 Compact with Africa conference in Berlin on November 21, 2023, according to an official statement from the Nigerian presidency.

In addition to the gas deal, Germany has pledged to invest $500 million in renewable energy projects in Nigeria, with a primary focus on rural communities. The investment is expected to create jobs and power sustainable economic growth in the country.

“This agreement marks a new era of cooperation between our two countries,” Nigerian President Bola Ahmed Tinubu said. “It is a testament to the strong relationship between Nigeria and Germany and our shared commitment to sustainable development.”

Nigeria’s economy, which has been grappling with the impact of falling oil prices in recent years, is expected to benefit positively form the gas deal and renewable energy investment.  The deal will also help Germany meet its energy needs while reducing its reliance on fossil fuels.

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VFuels wins FEED contract for new refinery in Nigeria

VFuels LLC, a Houston- based oil and gas engineering firm, has signed a Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) contract with HSI Refining & Petrochemical Company Ltd for a modular refinery project in Nigeria. The contract, which was announced on 17th November, covers the design and engineering of a 5,000 barrels per day (bpd). The refinery will process crude oil produced from a marginal field located in Abia State. The project is expected to be completed in 18 months and will produce  Naphtha, Kerosene, Diesel, and Heavy Fuel Oil for the domestic market.  “The refinery is set to play a crucial role in meeting the growing demand for energy products in Abia state as well as fulfilling the need for decentralized refining infrastructures in Nigeria,” Vfuels said in an official statement. VFuels specializes in modular process equipment for the oil and gas industry, and has experience in designing and fabricating modular refineries, gas plants and early production facilities. Earlier this year, VFuels announced that it has been selected to carry out expansion works at the Waltersmith Ibigwe Refinery in Imo State. The contract allows VFuels to double the refinery’s capacity to 10,000 barrels per day (bpd), after it designed and installed the 5,000 bpd Phase, which was commissioned in 2020.

TAQA Arabia commissions Tanzania’s first integrated CNG filling station and conversion center

TAQA Arabia, Egypt’s full-service energy and utility provider, has commissioned Tanzania’s first integrated Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Filling Station and Conversion Center branded “Master Gas.” The project was carried out by TAQA Dalbit, a Joint Venture (JV) between TAQA Arabia and JCG Oil & Gas, a unit of the Janus Continental Group (JCG). The CNG station, expected to serve 800 vehicles a day, is the first of 12 stations that TAQA Dalbit plans to open in Tanzania in the coming years. TAQA Dalbit plans to invest $12 million in establishing the natural gas fuelling stations. TAQA Dalbit focuses on investing, developing, building and operating filling stations and conversion centers to convert and fill cars with compressed natural gas. A CNG-powered passenger vehicle emits about 25% less CO2 and is, on avearge, 50% cheaper than petrol cars. “We are on the cusp of a transformative shift in Tanzania’s energy landscape,” Tanzania’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy, Dr. Doto Mashaka Biteko, said during the commissioning ceremony in the country’s city and financial hub of Dar re Salaam. “The new CNG Filling Station and Conversion Center is a monumental achievement that demonstrates the Tanzanian government’s keenness to provide state-of-the-art solutions and technological prowess as part of our commitment to form a sustainable, greener and economically efficient future.” Tanzania is betting on TAQA Arabia’s know-how and experience in energy projects to help the east African country to unlock its energy potential and benefit from its gas reserves. Beyond serving vehicles, the company also aims to deliver natural gas to households, catering to varied needs of customers in Tanzania with CNG and LNG. “TAQA Arabia is committed to expanding its presence in the Tanzanian market across various areas,” Chairman of TAQA Arabia, Eng Khaled Abu Bakr  said. “TAQA Arabia is looking also in adding greater value to clients either with natural gas distribution, conventional and renewable power generation and distribution and other utility services that the company provides.” TAQA Arabia, a subsidiary of Qalaa Holdings based in Cairo, provides energy and utility services to over 1.7 million customers across 50 cities in Egypt. The services include natural gas, electricity, renewable energy, petroleum products, and water.