Nigerian independent launches new medical diagnostics laboratory in Delta State

ND Western, a member of the Independent Petroleum Producers Group (IPPG) of Nigeria, and the state-owned Nigerian Petroleum Development Company, have officially commissioned a new world-class laboratory in Delta State yesterday.

The Delta Plus Diagnostics facility was completed earlier this year in Ogunu and provides a world-class, fully equipped, molecular laboratory offering Covid-19 and blood testing services to hospitals, health management organisations (HMOs), corporations and individuals.

The project is the result of a successful and strategic partnership between ND Western, Nigerian think tank Bloom Public Health and Nigerian provider of laboratory equipment Katchey Laboratories.

“This partnership is an outstanding model in health financing, and one to be emulated by other stakeholders in Nigeria’s public health sector,” said Bloom Public Health.

Delta Plus Diagnostics is accredited by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and now serves the South-South region of Nigeria with critical medical diagnostics services, thereby reducing the need to travel long distances.

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