Perenco opens the tap on new Gabon LPG unit

Gabon’s Transition President General Brice Clotaire Oligui Nguema has inaugurated Perenco’s Batanga LPG Plant last week, marking another critical milestone in the roll out of Perenco’s gas monetisation strategy in Central Africa.

Perenco is a pioneer in the monetisation of associated gas in the Gulf of Guinea where it is deploying innovative solutions to reduce flaring and process gas for the production of electricity, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG).

In the 2000s, it commissioned a high pressure offshore pipeline network of over 400km in Gabon, including a compression station at Batanga to supply previously flared gas to the power stations of Libreville and Port Gentil. Additional compressors have been installed since to further reduce flaring, with volumes averaging 50 MMscf/d.

The commissioning of the 15,000 tonnes per year (tpy) LPG unit at Batanga represents the next step in an already successful strategy of monetising local resources in Gabon. It will help the country cut imports of cooking gas by a at least a third, and will be followed by the commissioning of the 0.7 tpy Cap Lopez LNG terminal in 2026. Perenco is also progressing the development of a 21 MW gas-to-power plant at Mayumba in the south of the country, in collaboration with the Gabon Power Company.

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Egypt to Host Major Energy Show Focused on Decarbonisation

Egypt is gearing up to host the Egypt Energy Show (EGYPES) 2024, a three-day event that will bring together thousands of energy experts, investors, and policymakers to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the global energy transition. The show, which will run from Feb. 19 to Feb. 21 at the Egypt International Exhibition Center in Cairo, is expected to attract more than 35,000 attendees and 2,200 delegates from across the energy supply and value chains, according to a statement from the organizers. The theme of the show is “Driving Energy Transition, Security, and Decarbonisation,” reflecting the urgent need to cut greenhouse gas emissions and achieve net-zero targets in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change. The show is held under the auspices of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and supported by the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, which has been leading the country’s efforts to diversify its energy mix and become a regional energy hub. Africa Dialogue Conference A highlight this year is the Africa Dialogue Conference, a forum for influential African stakeholders, including government officials, financiers, economists and energy though leaders. They will tackle thorny issues such as policy, regulation, gas infrastructure and how to harness Africa’s abundant energy resources for a greener and richer future. Egypt’s Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tarek El Molla said the show has become a cornerstone of the energy ecosystem in Africa and the Mediterranean, spurring business and investment in the regional energy market. “Each year, we witness substantial growth, increased interest, and the formation of invaluable partnerships, thereby accelerating Egypt’s ascendancy as a regional energy hub,” he said in the statement. The show will feature a comprehensive conference programme, with more than 80 sessions and 300 speakers covering topics such as decarbonisation and methane reduction strategies, energy security and affordability, and the role of fossil fuels and renewables in the energy transition. Among the speakers are John Ardill, vice president of ExxonMobil, who said he looks forward to the show as a vital opportunity to engage in constructive discussions regarding energy security, investments in oil and gas, and the transition towards a lower carbon, lower emissions, and sustainable future. Future Energy Zone & Theatre The show will also feature a new Future Energy Zone & Theatre, an immersive platform for showcasing energy innovations. It will cover all aspects of the energy transition, from decarbonisation and hydrogen to digitalisation and alternative energy. It will also host discussions on the regional impact of emerging technologies and the role of different players in shaping the future of energy for Egypt, the region and the world. More than 500 exhibitors from local and international firms will display the latest gadgets, gizmos and solutions in the energy sector. The exhibition will include 12 country pavilions and 26 national and international oil and gas companies. CLIMATECH Challenge Another innovation is the CLIMATECH Challenge, a contest for energy start-ups to pitch their resilient business models and inventions. The aim is to speed up regional adaptations, highlight the importance of climate technology for a low-carbon future and spot undiscovered energy entrepreneurs. Other attractions The show will also host the EGYPES 2024 Sustainability in Energy Conference, where industry leaders will explore the latest developments in clean energy and the strategies required to accelerate net-zero targets by 2050. The EGYPES 2024 Finance and Investment in Energy Conference will bring together energy leaders, sustainable finance experts, and climate professionals to address the economic uncertainties facing global economies and the financial mechanisms and capital market tools to support future energy systems. The EGYPES 2024 Equality in Energy Conference will unite global industry experts, including organisational change management, inclusion, and sustainability leaders, driving discussions on how talent strategy is becoming a paramount priority in shaping a people-centred energy future. In addition to the overarching theme of EGYPES 2024, the EGYPES Energy Awards will take centre stage, honouring trailblazers and energy pioneers making headlines in energy, whose contributions have been instrumental in advancing the global energy landscape towards achieving net-zero emissions and enabling transformational change for people, organisations and economies. To facilitate exclusive networking opportunities, the EGYPES Energy Club (EEC) will continue to elevate EGYPES 2024 as a private membership club lounge, where industry veterans and C-suite leaders can connect and explore critical partnerships for the future. Serving as the destination for all energy stakeholders, the Energy Club will set the stage for signing agreements and MOUs, executive meetings, and media-free networking enabling energy negotiations and decisions of national and global significance. The show comes at a time when the energy sector faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities amid the covid-19 pandemic, geopolitical tensions and climate mandates. The show hopes to foster dialogue, collaboration and action to drive the energy transition and decarbonisation agenda in Africa and the Mediterranean. For more information, including how to plan your EGYPES 2024 experience, visit the show’s website:

VFuels wins FEED contract for new refinery in Nigeria

VFuels LLC, a Houston- based oil and gas engineering firm, has signed a Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) contract with HSI Refining & Petrochemical Company Ltd for a modular refinery project in Nigeria. The contract, which was announced on 17th November, covers the design and engineering of a 5,000 barrels per day (bpd). The refinery will process crude oil produced from a marginal field located in Abia State. The project is expected to be completed in 18 months and will produce  Naphtha, Kerosene, Diesel, and Heavy Fuel Oil for the domestic market.  “The refinery is set to play a crucial role in meeting the growing demand for energy products in Abia state as well as fulfilling the need for decentralized refining infrastructures in Nigeria,” Vfuels said in an official statement. VFuels specializes in modular process equipment for the oil and gas industry, and has experience in designing and fabricating modular refineries, gas plants and early production facilities. Earlier this year, VFuels announced that it has been selected to carry out expansion works at the Waltersmith Ibigwe Refinery in Imo State. The contract allows VFuels to double the refinery’s capacity to 10,000 barrels per day (bpd), after it designed and installed the 5,000 bpd Phase, which was commissioned in 2020.